Nicola Layland – Portland Business Support and Advice

Portland is a specialist firm providing a range of services to assist those facing financial difficulties, ranging from help and advice, through to business recovery.  As an independent firm we have the flexibility to offer tailored solutions for the client, from our range of services including

  • Viability Reviews
  • Investigations
  • Solvent Distributions to Shareholders
  • CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement)
  • Business Loans within 24 hours
  • New Funding
  • Creditor Cashplan™, a specific debt management plan
  • HMRC Time To Pay
  • Debtcol™, intelligent debt collection
  • Distressed Funding
  • Administrations
  • Prepacks
  • Liquidations

When directors find themselves spending more time dealing with debts than winning new work, it’s time to give us a call.

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Phone: 01489 550457

Mobile: 07825 667001

Portland is an industry leader in helping businesses deal with financial distress and achieve financial stability through better cashflow.

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