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If you need to replace an existing employee or if you’re keen to take on extra pairs of hands, flexible recruitment can be a great way to take your business in the right direction – particularly during uncertain economic times.

Employing part-time professionals or flexible workers presents a great way to access some of the best talent around at less than the cost of a full-time salary, without compromise on the talent you need.

There are a variety of flexible working formats that can meet the needs of your business whilst saving money, from a four-day week to just a couple of hours a day or a fixed short term contract.

There are thousands of highly skilled and experienced people living close to your business who want to work flexibly or part-time who can help you deliver growth in your business.

Real Benefits
We’ve seen at first-hand the benefits local flexible workers bring to businesses. We’ve worked with many different sizes of business, across a variety of sectors from professional services firms to leisure companies and from online retailers to charities and the advantages are clear:

If you’re a young, new business taking on your first employee is a big step. Professional part-time and flexible resources can give you the kick-start you need:

  • Start Small – A flexible worker can start on a low number of weekly hours but have the flexibility to increase their working hours as you grow.
  • Reduce Risk – A full-time salary is a big jump in fixed costs for a young business. You can dictate the exact number of hours your business needs.
  • Afford Talent – There’s no need to compromise on the level of experience and skills you think you can afford. Professional part-time roles attract high quality people whilst avoiding full-time costs.
  • Not Alone – We’re on hand to help you write the job profile and handle the end to end process.

Large & Growing Businesses
Recruiting new people is a day-to day feature of a growing business. Offering flexible hours for a selection of roles brings practical and cultural advantages:

  • Control costs – Flexible hours enables managers to resource to the actual requirements of a role, not a full-time default
  • Attract Talent – Gain access to a wider local pool of talented professionals
  • Flexibility – Create the ability to extend the working day and flex resources in response to busier periods in the year
  • Retention – Provides a tool to retain valued employees who desire more flexibility increases during their time with the business – whether a new parent or ‘Generation Y’ employee

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