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Natural Health Supplements: The Power of Arginine
With a tremendous shift towards achieving optimum health for the mind, body and spirit, holistic medicines and therapies support the belief that our individual parts are intrinsically interconnected, and therefore can only be improved when we analyse our bodies as a whole.

Natural therapies and health supplements provide a host of benefits, including contributing towards normal psychological functioning, normal red blood cell formation, normal homocysteine metabolism, and enhanced stamina and endurance that optimises our physical and mental wellbeing.

As the vitamins and minerals contained within natural health supplements and therapies work both psychologically and physiologically to improve the body’s overall functioning and performance, they help to protect cells and their functioning; bone health; heal wounds; create healthy hair, skin, liver, and eyes, providing further energy.

Using the latest natural health supplements, scientific developments and market insights that centre on advocating continuous health and vitality, physical and mental wellbeing can be maximised. One such natural ingredient is l-arginine, a chemical building block.

Benefits of l-arginine
L-arginine, which can largely be obtained through the diet, is crucial for the body to make proteins. Once it has been converted into nitric oxide, the blood vessels widen to support improved blood flow and support the release of insulin and growth hormones.

Contained within natural supplements, arginine-derived nitric oxide, created by the endothelial cells lining your arteries, is a highly beneficial natural amino acid as it is the principal blood pressure regulator of the body. Enlarging the interior diameter of the artery, and letting more blood flow through, l-arginine helps to reduce blood pressure.

Emitting minimal nitric oxide enables the immune system to kill infectious microbes, and so preliminary evidence also suggests that the arginine supplemenit may also boost immunity, reverse impotence and forestall many of the complications of diabetes.

There are a variety of other benefits for the body, health and overall wellbeing that have been associated with arginine-derived nitric oxide (ADNO), including keeping blood vessels pliable and elastic, along with the smooth flow of blood; keeping platelets and white blood cells calm and preventing them from sticking to the vessel wall; reducing growth and multiplication of muscle cells that thicken the vessel wall; and slowing down plaque growth and suppressing atherosclerosis.

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