Lorna Thomas – Ripple Solutions

Hi I’m Lorna Thomas.  I have over 14 years experience as a qualified mediator specialising in workplace and employment disputes: my company is Ripple Solutions.

Ripple Solutions provides conflict management training and dispute resolution consultancy to businesses.  Managing conflict is not for businesses in trouble:  it’s for successful businesses wishing to avoid trouble.

Clients, customers and co-workers come in all shapes and sizes and on occasions they can be difficult to manage.  Conflict is costly.  Ripple Solutions realises that one size does not fit all; our solutions are tailored to fit your needs.

Our courses and workshops will give you the confidence to tackle difficult behaviours; improve your communications and increase creativity and productivity by encouraging collaborative working.

Some examples of courses are as follow:

  • Managing Difficult Behaviour in the Workplace.
  • Challenging Conversations: have the courage to tackle them
  • Working together: Creating Team Synergy
  • Effective Communications
  • Positive Conflict for Business Growth
  • Mindful Co-working


To find out how Ripple Solutions can help your organisation please contact Lorna Thomas today:

Email: lorna@ripple.solutions

Website: www.ripple.solutions

Phone: 01252 314 110

Mobile: 07523 760 019

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