Emma Gray – The Ark Veterinary Practice

The Ark is Fleet’s centrally based veterinary practice, located in Connaught Road halfway between the Fire Station and Kings Road (we’re very easy to find).

We’re a “companion animal” practice which means we look after the health and well-being of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice. We also treat pet birds, chickens and any wildlife that may need our help.

Our facilities
As we deal with a wide range of pets our practice has comprehensive facilities and equipment to cover medical and surgical cases. This includes two fully equipped operating theatres, a dental room, ECG, digital radiography, plus an ultrasound scanner.

Our in-house laboratory has equipment for blood sampling, urine analysis and microscopy, while the practice is large enough to have separate hospital wards for dogs and cats (as well as an isolation ward for patients that may need this).

Our onsite hydrotherapy pool is just part of the physiotherapy treatment we provide for dogs and cats, and our Clinical Director, Emma Gray, is an animal acupuncturist…all of which contributes to our ability to treat patients as thoroughly as possible.

More than just a practice
Our veterinary nurses contribute far more than simply caring for patients by running a wide variety of supportive clinics, including weight-watching for pets, nail clipping, flea and worming, tick removal and puppy / kitten consultation sessions. They also hold Puppy School classes and Puppy Parties (to help with socialisation).

Our dedicated team of 5 vets, 6 nurses, 4 receptionists and 1 groomer enjoy a tremendously good relationship with clients and their pets (to the extent that a 2015 survey showed 90% of clients rated us 9/10 or higher for satisfaction with the practice and the service they received).

Come and meet us
If you’re not convinced The Ark is the right vet for your pet please come and meet us – or visit the practice for one of our “behind the scenes” tours (by appointment) – to ensure you are content your pet will be in safe hands.

Contact Emma Gray today:

Email: emma.gray@cvcvets.com

Website: www.arkvetsurgery.co.uk

Phone: 01252 616185

Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ark-Veterinary-Practice/481437552055412

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