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Sowulo is providing emotional release therapy using healing technique called Theta Healing. This is a meditative technique that allows the client to get to a theta brainwave state, which is one of deep meditation. When we are in theta state we are prone to the flow of ideas. It is typically a very positive mental state.

This technique allows us to change beliefs in our subconscious mind. It allows to clear belief systems and patterns that can be in the way to the life we truly desire. You can experience immediate release of long-held tensions and fears and feel that inner space refilled with a calm security. The Theta Healing technique can complement and even speed other therapeutic efforts by focusing on the underlying core issues that profoundly affect all aspects of our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

To check what beliefs our subconscious holds on to we use kinesiology. Kinesiology uses muscle testing to access the muscular feedback from the body. It is very much the same as accessing information from computer memory banks. Kinesiology is used as an assessment tool, it takes out the guesswork that can be involved in choosing remedies or employing other healing methods.

Email: elena@sowulo.co.uk
Website: www.sowulo.co.uk
Phone: 0772 583 1347

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